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Friday, July 4, 2008

Secular Philosophy

"With the limited knowledge I have at present, I have come to the conclusion that Ray Comfort may secretly be a Muslim, a homosexual, a polygamist, and that he might have a green leprechaun who reads him children's stories living in his closet. I mean, I'm pretty sure that none of the above things are true, but because I don't know the thoughts of everyone that has ever existed, and because I haven't traveled to every planet to determine if there are green leprechauns, I cannot be 100% certain. There may just be someone in the Universe that has ample evidence to prove those things to be true." C. Diddy

As a professing atheist, you can’t be "sure" of anything. You don’t know that there is no God. You don’t know if Hell is a reality. All you have is your beliefs (faith) that God and Hell don’t exist. You have faith in what you believe. You can’t be sure that the sky is blue (it’s not), or that the sun rises (it doesn’t). You don’t know for certain that the blue or the red that you see is actually the same colors that others see. You don’t know if evolution is true, or even if a rock is "hard, because you have no concrete definition of what "hard" is, other than what a dictionary tells you and what you have come to believe from the beliefs of others. For all you know, you might be insane and have twisted perceptions of what others see as reality. That’s why knowing God is such a wonderful thing. It’s because He knows the thoughts of everyone that has ever existed, and He is ever-present on every planet to determine if there are or are not green leprechauns.

The Scriptures give us insight into the mind of God. Through them we can know absolute truth. We can know reality. We have what the Bible calls "an anchor for the soul." Without the solid foundation of the Word of God you will be blown about by the winds of an ever-changing secular philosophy.