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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Parody: "to imitate (a composition, author, etc.) for purposes of ridicule or satire."

You have to see this 34-second clip to believe it. (If you don't see the clip above, you can watch it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ5UlsS82oE)

It’s narrated by a very hateful woman, who is using nothing but nasty scare tactics to terrify weak-minded people. And she will get her little following, even though she is nothing but fear-mongering. The clip shows that she is both ignorant and intolerant. She is an uneducated extremist.

Lady, water does not burn. Get it? That’s basic science. You know nothing of the disciplines of exact science.

The clip is a classic example of a straw man. It reveals your hypocrisy. If you really cared about people, you wouldn’t spend your time lying about something you know nothing about.

Instead of throwing around stupid statements about common water being "devastating," you would be better off doing some good in the community. If I am ever in the situation you described, you can be sure that I will throw water on the fire, and I will laugh at you and your silly beliefs when I do it.

I want to know how much you were paid to do this. You are obviously an uncaring, uninformed, niave, narrow-minded, money-hungry liar. I can see it in your face.

What do you take me for--a fool? Luke 12:20.

"Amanda said... What exactly are you parodying here? Are you saying that people's failure to heed warnings about fire = atheists' failure to heed warnings about hell? Nonsense. One should never throw water on a grease fire; it will cause the grease to splatter and will spread the fire. Don't believe me? We have video of it happening. We have scars of someone who was burned. We can do an experiment ourselves to test the theory (although I'd recommend letting the MythBusters team do it). I've even seen grease fires with my own eyes and know how quickly they can spread. Where's the video of Hell? Where are the scars of people who've been in Hell? What experiment can we do to prove that Hell exists? Who here has seen Hell with their own eyes? With the fire, we're not just relying on testimony. We have other ways of proving the claim that flaming oil + water don't mix. With Hell, we have only testimony."

Amanda. In answer to your question "What experiment can we do to prove that Hell exists?" There is one. God promises to reveal Himself supernaturally to all who repent and trust in Jesus Christ (see John 14:21). If He does that (as He did in my life and the lives of millions of others), then He is real, the Bible proves to be His Word, and His testimony is true (see John 3:33). We love you enough to warn you that Hell is an absolute reality, despite the scorn it brings.