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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bird Brain Thoughts

Apparently, the most common bird is the sparrow, whose life-span is 23 years. Jesus spoke of how God takes care of the lowly sparrow, and how He will take care of you and I because we are of more worth than them. But have you ever wondered why we don’t see aging sparrows? Every one I see seems to be young, happy and healthy. They are not slow-moving, arthritic and elderly. Or is there a convalescent tree somewhere, for elderly sparrows who are waiting to die? And, if there are as many as 400 billion birds (as the experts tell us), and each dies after 20 or so years, why don’t we see dead birds everywhere? While I am on the subject of birds, why don’t they interbreed? Dogs can be interbred. So can cats and horses, but we don’t see that happen in birds. I have yet to hear of an owl mating with an eagle (an eagowl) or a parrot and a sparrow (a sparrot).