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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fun Lesson For Kids

We had our family around for Thanksgiving. My daughter was a little nervous because she had plans to give a Bible lesson to the grandchildren, and she wondered if trying to work with very young children would be a disaster. Perhaps she remembered the time I gave our three kids their first communion, during family devotions. The two youngest got into a fight about who had the most grape juice. It was a disaster. Despite her fears, it turned out great. My son-in-law blindfolded each of the kids and spoke to them about being thankful to God for eyesight. He then put a little bit of tape over their mouths and talked about being thankful for the ability to speak. He put their hands behind their backs and had them eat a cookie from a plate on the floor, and talked about how wonderful it is to have hands. It was a lot of fun for the kids, and it was a good reminder to them and to us adults of how much we take for granted.