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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hot Mail - Letter Received

Letter Received:

Hello Ray Comfort, this is Furyan AKA the Agnostic black hole. I have been reading over your little site here, and you are no master..... What kind of master would give their faith and PRAISE in a god that killed innocent babies, a god that committed genocide? What kind of idiot would give their praise in a God that commanded RAPE AND SLAVERY OF WOMEN! A God that also commanded human sacrifice, murder, incest, and hypocrisy. WHAT KIND OF GOD OF GRACE AND LOVE WOULD DO THE ABOVE!??? And don't give me "vengeance" if Jesus Christ was GOD and he specifically COMMANDED "Turn the other cheek" then the whole half-(beep) excuse of vengeance is useless, use it and you will only prove that your god is a hypocrite. What kind of idiot would follow a hypocritical rule system such as the ten commandments. Gee right after saying "thou shall not kill" the lord then said "Kill anyone who works on the sabbath" ' Ray Comfort, if your such a "Master" then let's see how you stand up to gravity.

My response:

Robb, Nice to here from you. Turn the other cheek is how the Christian should respond in personal grievances. He's not to take the law into his own hands. He should instead "commit himself to Him who judges righteously." God, (the one you described) will make sure justice is done. And He's the God you have to face on Judgment Day, whether you believe in Him or agree with His judgments or not. Hey, you slipped up. You gave "God" a capital--twice :). Thanks for taking the time to write. Best wishes to you and yours, Ray