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Monday, December 10, 2007

Don’t Fill in the Blanks

The following hot email was sent by an atheist to our ministry, and ended up at the desk of Mark Spence (the dean of the School of Biblical Evangelism) around the middle of 2007:

“You're a real blank you degenerate scum . . . so don't you ever blank tell me anything blank you're probably a blank child molester you worthless coward don't give me your blank blank lies about best intentions you guys are just too blank blank self-centered to do anything and that is the fact I never hear anything Biblical come out of your filthy mouth you brainwashed Nazi.”

Instead of deleting the email, Mark responded kindly, and found that the man was upset because he was in pain, and couldn’t afford medical treatment. We mentioned his dilemma in our monthly newsletter, and some of you kindly stepped up to the plate. Thank you. Here the man’s latest email:

“What I wanted to tell you was thank you very much for doing what you did in spite of my insulting behavior. One very kind man . . . paid for my MRI and a few doctor visits to get the reports done. Also another one of your readers made some donations for my medical bills which was very Christian of him . . . so thanks very much, you have made a difference in my life and so have those others who helped out a complete stranger. It's unfortunate that only a small percentage of people who call themselves Christians actually act like it and have the actions to back up their words . . . thanks and take care.”