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Saturday, December 8, 2007

How Did He Know?

I read recently where a number of evangelists gathered in Florida to discuss strategies for reaching the lost. It was said of one of them: “This humble man . . . has led 47 million people to Christ.” Does he have access to the Book of Life? How does he know that all of the 47 million were true converts? Doesn’t he understand the biblical reality of true and false conversion?--see "True and False Conversion": www.livingwaters.com/listenwatch2.shtml The Bible tells us in Mark 4 and in other places of spurious conversion, and it warns that the false convert will end up in a worse state than the first--like a pig that goes back to the filth. From what I understand, this evangelist doesn’t use the Law to bring the knowledge of sin, so if statistics hold true, more than 40 million of his converts will have fallen away from the faith, and have proven to be spurious (see, The Way of the Master--Bridge Logos Publishers, for statistics). Such "evangelism" is an unspeakable tragedy, and is counterproductive to the Great Commission.