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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Respectful Person

I yust want to complain that Kurt said on a comercial on Gospel Channel that i`m not a good person yust becose i dont belive in God. yust becose YOU guys dont know what the BLEEP your talking aboat,and i happend to know something aboat the world around me, that maykes me to a bad person?? i respekt every humans, something you do not. if a person dont belive in God, they are not good inof. bur i even try to respekt you,but it is not BLEEP easy when you dont respekt me. i respeckt all people and al life. but i dont belive in God, becose i see the world as it is, i understand more then all of you relegius people. but that dont mayke me to a bad person. And based on that, what you stand for, is discriminating. and you call your self good people? non of you know the meaning of it. BLEEP you. merry BLEEP christmas.