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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Something Amazing

I was talking with a friend who regularly runs “The Way of the Master” evangelism classes. He said that when the class starts there is always a good turnout, but when people realize that they have to actually go out and speak to the lost, he loses about a third of them. He was grieved that it happened, even though he explained that through the class they would learn to share their faith without fear. If those who deserted the battlefield had stayed, they would have found out something amazing. Imagine you and I are standing beside a swimming pool in which there are large chunks of ice. I soberly say, “Two minutes in that freezing water and you will be dead! I dare you to jump in and do a length.” Hopefully, you would have the good sense not to. However, if your two year-old child fell in and began to drown, how long would you hesitate to dive in and save him? Not for a second. But wouldn’t you be fearful of the freezing water? Of course not. Not for a second. That’s the power of love. So, do you hesitate to enter the freezing waters of evangelism to seek and save the lost? Do you listen to your fears? That’s the gauge to the depth of your love.