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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This is Just For Men

Someone once asked me the question “What’s the difference between in-laws and outlaws?” The answer was that outlaws are wanted. I am fortunate, because I have wonderful in-laws who love the Lord. Some people don’t, and it’s a scary fact of life that a man doesn’t just marry a wife, he marries her whole family, and he may therefore have a life-time of rubbing shoulders with people he doesn't like. The unwanted in-laws problem can put a strain on any marriage, but as Christians, the love of God in us can help solve the problem (Jesus said to love our enemies). A lack of finances can be another strain. A big one. So don’t let covetousness and credit cards pull you into debt. Contentment is born out of thanksgiving, contentment is the enemy of greed. If a burglar tries to break into your house, don’t send your wife to the door. As a man, you could never do that. So, don't send your wife to the door spiritually. Take the lead. Don’t let the thief who came to kill, steal and destroy, steal time with your wife and destroy your marriage. You initiate prayer together. You read the Scriptures with her daily. And here’s something else that will help your marriage. It’s a principle that took me years to learn. When your wife has a problem on her mind, just let her talk it out. Don’t offer solutions. Zip it. I know it's hard, but believe it or not, she doesn’t want a solution. She just wants a listening ear. I know it sounds strange, but we are talking about a different species here. Do you like messing around in a women’s shoe store for hours? Nope. She does. Do you like talking while the TV is on? Nope. She does. Do you give every tiny detail about a new born baby? She does. They are a different species. So deal with it and just listen. It works. For further instruction about both men and women, see, 101 Things That Husbands Do To Annoy Their Wives. Sue helped me write it in ten minutes.