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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tough Time Financially?

If you are feeling the pinch, I have an idea which might help you get on your feet. I’m not necessarily thinking of greedy atheists that read this blog, but families that are struggling. But if a greedy atheist runs with this, that’s okay. Most parents and grandparents have a stack of unused toys that kids and grandkids have outgrown. Here’s my idea. Go door to door and offer to pay cash for the unused toys. I would gladly get rid of a pile of unused toys for $25. Just buy ones that can be easily washed with one of those high-powered hoses. Get an empty store, put up a sign that says “Toy Swap,” and allow customers to bring in their unused toys and swap them for the ones their kids like. Charge a fee to swap each one--$1 for real small toys, $3 for average size, and $5 for larger plastic bikes, etc. I think it would take off. “Toys Are Us” (wrong spelling) would probably pay you to stay out of business. Then again, it may stimulate the toy industry. Whatever the case, I wish you well.