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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Value Your Life

There’s a new documentary out that asks the question “Is risk worth the reward.” It’s about base-jumping and other extreme sports, where people put their lives on the line for the excitement of the adrenaline rush. I’m taking a risk here in saying this, but I answer that question with “No. Absolutely not." Never, ever, risk your precious God-given life for anything but the gospel. I have seen a number of extreme sports documentaries where a jumper ignores his self-preserving fear, for the excitement of the risk. At the very end of the documentary, they disclose that the person was tragically killed in a recent jump. I wonder what his last thoughts were about the risk versus pleasure question, just before he hit the earth. I wonder what the thoughts were of those who picked up the bloody and smashed body of the dead person. If you want an adrenaline rush, simply preach open air, and if you are stoned to death for it, eternity will show that the risk was well worth the reward.