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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Atheist Dictator

We were filming the Fourth Season of our television program in Europe. It was the last day after visiting thirteen countries in thirteen days, and we were preaching open air at a university in Romania. One youth was an atheist who had been brought up in a Christian home and was extremely vocal. He had broken the Ten Commandments, heard the good news of the gospel, but said that if God was real He would stop him from leaving the crowd. Then he turned around and boldly walked back into the building to make his point. God didn’t stop him from leaving. Did his actions prove anything? Yes, they proved that God doesn’t take dictation from atheists. It doesn’t work with presidents either. If I say, “If the President of the United States exists, let him show up outside my house tonight!” I’m going to be standing alone in the dark. Such talk is the epitome of arrogance. It was the arrogant Italian dictator Mussolini who stood on a panicle as a youth, and said that if God was real He should prove it by striking him dead. His prayer was eventually answered.