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Monday, January 14, 2008

The Difficulty with Faith

I sat next to a man in a plane, whose job was to purchase land for a well-known handyman chain. Part of this was to count houses in potential areas. He wasn’t interested in how many people lived in each house, because the store chain’s income came from purchases for the houses, not for people. He said supermarket chains were the opposite. They couldn’t care less how many houses were in an area, just people, because it’s people that eat food, not houses. He alone carried out the whole process of negotiating the price for the purchases, and had been doing that same job for 30 years. He agreed with me when I said that he was in a position of great “trust.” Much of what we do in life has its foundation on trust. We trust our dentist when he drills, our taxi driver when he drives, our pilots when they fly us. We trust our history books, our teachers, and some still even trust politicians. Marriage is a trust relationship. So is a business partnership and friendships. We trust elevators, planes, cars, brakes, chairs, doctors, surgeons, brokers and television anchors. This is why it’s hard to understand why skeptics mock the thought of trust in God. They think that a Christian is someone who “believes” in God’s existence. Rather, a Christian is someone who trusts God’s promises, trusts in His integrity and His incredible ability. When we speak of “faith” in Jesus, it’s not an intellectual assent. It’s an implicit trust in Him as our sin-bearer. So, never trust anyone who says that they find it difficult to have trust or "faith" in God. There’s nothing difficult about trust, when the One you are trusting is utterly trust-worthy.