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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Elegance of Science

<< Without logic, science would not exist. We can both agree with that, can't we? The elegance of science is that all its discoveries reinforce the rest. If something does not fit in - no matter how much we might want it to and no matter how long we have accepted it as true - it is rejected and a better answer is sought. This is the reason that something like the Big Bang theory is on the outs in the scientific community.>>

Joel, Here’s some questions for you. If science couldn’t exist without logic, where then did logic come from? Is it eternal? Did it have a beginning? Be careful that you are not adamant in your reply, because of your “elegance of science” statement. When science rejects its convictions for a better answer, it is an admittance that science is continually finding that what it believed, is wrong. How could you think that that is good? One minute science believes the Big Bang theory, then it doesn’t. That means that what you are so adamantly arguing for as absolute truth at the moment, could change in the next. And you are okay with it. That’s illogical. Admit it Joel--you are like the rest of us. You love your sins, and all this mumbo-jumbo is just a cover up. Your Watergate isn’t watertight. I would be grateful if you would read John 3:19-21, and give me your thoughts.