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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Half a Yawn

How do you feel when you are cultivating a sneeze and at the last second it dissipates? How about being interrupted when you are in the middle of a serious yawn? Have you ever had something that you were going to say, and at the last second it flies away from your mind like a bird into the distance? How do you feel when you forget a well-known actor’s name? You can visualize his face, his name sits on the tip of your tongue, and after you run through the alphabet you conclude it’s not in there. Each of these experiences are frustrating. However, they are nothing compared to the ultimate frustration of being a thinking person, and looking for an explanation of life that you can never seem to find. Why are we here? What is life’s purpose? Why am I waiting to die? Listen to this agonizing quote from Irish writer, dramatist and poet, Samuel Beckett. He said, “Life is an indefinite waiting for an explanation that never comes.” The terrible tragedy is that the explanation will never come, as long as the gospel is ignored.