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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hiding Behind Anonymity

<< nameless said...So you're pro life. You think that you're doing the right thing? NO, all you're doing is taking rights away from pregnant women. But why would you care, its not like you could ever get pregnant, so it doesn't concern you either way. No one is making anyone get an abortion so shut the &%@#! up and let women have the right to get an abortion! >>

Dear nameless (not to God--He knows your name, every hair on your head, and every thought of your desperately wicked heart). Of course I’m pro life. The word “murderer” and the word “Christian” cannot go together. Of course, the word “murderer” and “religion” go hand in hand. They have done right down though history. No argument there. So make sure you don’t get confused by the two words. They are as different as night and day.

<< nameless said...
Hey before you start talking X$!*$ about atheist why don't you get to know them. It seems to me that you don't have a clue what atheists are really like. Why don't you talk with some atheist then come up with an opinion before you talk about them. I mean after all, religious people have a far bigger problem with atheists than atheists have of religious people. and if you want to prove me wrong then show my comment, unless of course you only want to show the comments of the people that agree with you. so prove me wrong ray, show my post if you aren't afraid of people disagreeing with you.>>