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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How to Have Your Cake

I was in an area of the country where it had snowed the previous night. The white blanket that cover the earth was as pure as the driven . . . snow. Everything--trees, bushes, houses, cars, all looked like a painted scene on a Christmas card. Snow is beautiful for about two days, then it turns to sludge. Many marriages are the same. The heat comes on or the dirt comes in, and what was once pure and pristine bliss, quickly becomes a horrible mess. So, how can you make your marriage work? To change the analogy, you simply go by the recipe book (the Bible), use the ingredients suggested, and your marriage will rise to your expectations. Of course, the world doesn’t open the Bible because it knows better. The Book either sits on a shelf gathering dust, or it’s the object of prejudice and cynicism to a point where every word is mocked. But the ingredients are laid out for the Christian--selfless love, genuine kindness, quick forgiveness, self-control, true humility, and constant prayer. Add the will of God as being the most important factor in the relationship, and you can have your cake and eat it too.