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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Insulting Steel

In places where it freezes, a mass of salt is dropped on the roads to melt snow and make driving safer. However, such a practice also wrecks cars. Salt (the same stuff we eat daily), eats steel daily. We are often reminded that Jesus said of the Church “You are the salt of the earth,” and we are told that salt has many properties that remind us of what we are in Christ—preservation, flavor, etc. But let's not forget that because God is with us, we are the most powerful force on earth. No steel cage can stop a Christian from fulfilling the will of God. Jesus used anthropomorphism to convey this fact when He spoke of just the finger of God being with Him. That's all we need; a little Divine backup. I have often said that a blind, anemic, weak-kneed flee on crutches, has more chance of defeating a herd of ten thousand wild, stampeding elephants, than the enemy has of defeating God. So the next time he tries to intimidate you, think of the most powerful thunder-and-frightening storm you can, and remember that if God made that, and if He is with us, nothing can be against us.