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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Loaded Gunn

A 52 year old man was arrested and his lawn-mower impounded after driving down the street in Dargaville, New Zealand. Richard Gunn, 52, had an alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit for drivers, police said, and he previously had lost his driver's license. Gunn said he has been using the lawn mower to get around town since losing his license. “I thought I was safe,” he told TV One News. Even bicycles went faster than the lawn mower's 5 mph, he said. “I've watched them go past me.”

I’m sure that the courts will take into account the type of vehicle Gunn was driving. If you were the judge, would you think that this was just a man driving a lawnmower who didn’t think too deeply, or was it a rebellious irresponsible drunk, who totally disregarded the law, and could have run over and killed a child? That is the job of the judge--to make the right judgment, once all the evidence comes in.

This brings up an important point that is often leveled at us by skeptics. They maintain that God is unjust in that He is going to throw the little sweet old lady into Hell, along with Adolph Hitler. Not so. Everyone will get exactly what they deserve. It’s called “equity” in Scripture. The Bible uses words like “greater damnation” for certain people. Whatever happens on that terrible Day will be absolute and perfect justice, given fairly to those who are guilty. No more. No less.