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Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Special Note to Atheists

<< Strange... Ray deleted my comment pointing to my own blog where I have responded to this. I assume it is due to the catch-all, -covering disclaimer above this posting form:>>

Dear Atheists,
Regarding the above complaint. The comment was deleted because the blog included the address of another site. We have two hard and fast rules--no website addresses, and no bad language. I did take the time to read the response, and there were some good points. So why not put them on this blog? “God” was even given a capital “G,” which is refreshing for an atheist (thanks Brent). Sadly we had to also delete the above complaint because of minor bad language (b-tt). We are honored that you (atheists) share your thoughts, as we enjoy learning what makes you believe as you do. The exchange of ideas is healthy, so keep them coming.