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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stupid Chickens

I have noticed something very strange about my chickens. They are bold. The moment I walk into the coop, they run towards me as though I am going to give them something. Very friendly indeed. But the moment I reach down to pick them up or pat them, they cower like . . . like chickens. They squat. Their wings go out. Then they physically tremble. I have noticed something very strange about myself. I come before my Father in Heaven with great boldness. I am filled with expectation for His blessings. He has good things in store for believers. We have a love relationship. But the moment His hand comes upon me and I feel His guidance to witness to a stranger, I become chicken. I am serious. I have personally witnessed to thousands of people. I have preached open air thousands of times, and yet when I feel that God wants me to approach a stranger, I want to squat right were I am and tremble. Such stupidity in chickens and in myself makes me laugh. We are pretty pathetic. May God help us in our weaknesses.