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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Toying with Truth

I was alone in our house when suddenly I heard strange voices. They were too loud to be coming from any of the neighbors’ houses, but they weren’t loud enough to be coherent. It didn’t make sense. Who was in our house? I stopped working on my laptop and listened closely. The voices were still incoherent. Then I listened again. This time it was clear what was being said. I distinctly heard “e i e i o.” It was Old MacDonald and his noisy farm. For some reason, one of the toys in the grandkid’s play room had decided to do its thing.

We are reasoning beings, and it’s frustrating when something happens and we can’t explain it. I was once frustrated with the meaning of life. It happened, and I couldn’t explain it. Happy though I was, I needed more than a nebulous theory as to our origins. I wanted to know the truth. On April 25th, 1972 I discovered the truth. I found that “In the beginning God created . . . “ The Creator spoke. He said, “Let there be light.” And that light is still available to those who come out of the darkness. From the moment you hear His voice, you will know the truth. The Christian doesn’t have a million voices telling him a thousand different things. We have One voice, and that’s enough. The mystery is solved.