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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Could You Help Us?

We want to spread "Comfort Food" far and wide. If you enjoy your daily dose, would you be kind enough to recommend it to your friends? Just forward this entire email (if it came by email), and encourage them to sign up. There's no charge for this service. Click here for details:


Thank you.

Here are a few commendations and condemnations we have received:

• “I'm . . . addicted to Comfort Food.”
• “A valuable resource that often makes me laugh when I need to most!”
• “The perfect mix of humor, wit, wisdom, and info.”
• “Wow, I'm so excited about this.”
• “A refreshing breeze of humor, truth, and love and I’m always wondering what’s going to be here when I get home after a long day’s work.”
• “VERY inspirational.”
• “I love your humor.”
• “You're going to have to store all of these and put them in a book. You could call it 'Comfort Gold.' I would buy it.”
• “This is an educational experience!”
• “This place is better than a Sunday morning Church service!”
• “Shut up, OK?! There is no God . . . OK!!?”
• “I read your blog all the time and love it.”
• “I have no idea why I even read this blog sometimes -- except maybe that it's like slowing down to rubberneck at an accident on the freeway.”
• “It really encourages and gives insight to very important subjects and every day situations and questions.”