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Monday, February 18, 2008

Clever Monkey

National Geographic are at it once again. It seems that ratings are more important to them than the truth. Apparently, they have exclusive videotape showing a chimp actually making a spear. In a documentary called “Ape Genius,” the narrator says, “Never before has any non-human species been known to routinely make and use deadly weapons.” Wow. That is amazing. It looks like more evidence to back up Darwin.

Jill Pruetz is one of the National Geographic explorers who spent four years following the monkeys around in their natural habitat. When an NBC interviewer asked her the question, “When you saw a chimp actually fashioning a weapon, were you amazed?” she replied, “I am still amazed. In fact, I saw it a week ago before I came here, and Bilbo [the chimp] was nice enough to make a spear. He wasn’t successful, but I'm still amazed by it.” Whoa! What did she say? “He wasn’t successful…” In other words, he didn’t make a spear. All he did was bite off the end of a stick and use it to poke into a tree limb. It was typical evolutionary mumbo jumbo, and it will no doubt continue to “deceive the hearts of the simple.”