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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Incredible Egg

If it’s true that you are what you eat, I’m an egg. I love eggs, and I thank God for them. They are so incredibly well-designed, from the shell, to the yolk, to the white. But there’s more to the egg than meets the mouth. You probably know that when an egg is fertilized, the chick is ready to hatch by the 21st day. Up to this point the little fellow has been receiving his oxygen from the circulating newly made blood. But now his demand for oxygen will be much greater, as he exerts himself to break out of the shell. Have you ever noticed the flat spot on the top of a hard-boiled egg when you peel it? It’s on every egg that has ever been made. It is actually an air sack. The chick begins to gasp for air as the lungs start to work, but by this time he has developed what is known as an “egg tooth” on the outside of his beak. Without this tooth, he would suffocate. He uses it to break into the air sack to get air. But he only has six hours of oxygen in there. He has the instinctive information that he can’t rest. He must continue to work on the shell with his tooth until he breaks a hole in it, and can start breathing outside air. All of this has to happen exactly as it does, at exactly the right time, or the chick dies. Chicks hatch on exactly the 21st day every time, and it's happened billions of times. To say that God is awesome is the understatement of eternity.