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Monday, February 11, 2008

It’s a Duh World

“Thank you for joining us. Here is this evening’s news: Advertisers are now paying as much as two million dollars for a 30 second advertisement during the Super bowl. Experts tell us that they get good financial return on their millions because human beings are very much influenced by what they see and hear. Apparently, if a celebrity is seen buying or doing something, many will actually imitate what they see or hear. It seems that the biblical analogy of us being like sheep is applicable.

“Hollywood awarded its annual big honors last night for its best entertainment. Movies and television containing themes of violence, rape and murder have been extremely popular throughout the whole year.

“After a comprehensive study, experts are mystified as to why there is a rising tide of violence, rape and murder this year. Some have suggested that violence, rape and murder are tied in with diet or perhaps global warming.

“Thanks for joining us tonight for this news-break. Let’s now return to the second part of the exciting award-winning movie, ‘How to Rape and Murder, and Get Away With It.’ Then stay with us for ‘Murder With a Chain Saw, and ‘How to Rape Your Neighbor.’”