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Friday, February 29, 2008

Lincoln Was Right

If you are an evolutionist who doesn’t believe in God’s existence, you’re on the losing team. You may was well give up. Here’s the score: An amazing 84% of Americans not only believe in God, but they claim a religious affiliation, while an even greater number acknowledge His existence (more than 90%).

Even more disheartening for evolutionists is the fact that for over 50 years evolution has been espoused from all quarters in this nation, and yet the amount of people believing it since that time has only increased by a measly one percent.

Why has this happened? The answer is simple. It takes no faith to believe in God’s existence. This is because evidence is everywhere. Even a child knows that if there’s a creation, there must be a Creator. But because there is no empirical species-to-species evidence for evolution, it takes a huge leap of faith to believe in the theory.

For a time it seemed that the masses were being persuaded by evolution, but recent media attention to the issue has made them give the issue some serious thought. The "folks" are not that easily deceived. Abraham Lincoln was right when he said, “We may deceive all the people sometimes; we may deceive some of the people all the time, but not all the people all the time, and not God at any time.”

Post Script: More than 20 years ago a friend gave me a comprehensive book of quality quotes, in which I first saw Lincoln's famous quote in its entirety. I was very familiar with it, but didn't know that he had climaxed with "and not God at any time." How typical that they had been removed.