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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rape and Murder

The evening news gave a human interest story about a young girl in the African Congo who witnessed the murder of her parents by rebel soldiers. As if that wasn’t enough to traumatize any young girl, the soldiers then took her with them and raped her incessantly for two days. So many raped her that they ruined her bodily functions and left her pregnant.

The fool will be quick to say, “That proves that there’s no God! If He was loving and kind, He would never let such a thing happen.” However, all the incident proves is that the heart of mankind is wicked, as the Bible clearly states. The irony was, when the girl was asked what she wanted to do with her life, she said that she wanted to serve God. Instead of being bitter for Him allowing the murder and rape, she was thankful to Him for preserving her life.

One thing that I find to be a great mystery is that there are people who believe in God, but don’t believe that He will send people to Hell. Such a god would be a wicked being himself. It is insane to think that God could witness such crimes as murder and rape and be passive. How could He have no concern that justice is done? There is even something in my sinful heart that cries out for justice for that young woman, so how much more then shall a holy God see to it that those wicked men are brought to justice? Whether we believe it or not, the Day is coming when God will punish sinful men and women, right down to the crimes of hatred, lust and idle words. God will be vindicated, and justice will be done.