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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who's Winding Your Clock?

Who are you serving? The Bible says that it’s either God or the devil. If it’s God, you will believe that there’s a devil, and if it’s the devil, you won’t believe that there’s a God. Not the God of the Bible, that is. You will either deny God’s existence or you will make up your own image of a god.

If you are serving the devil, you will live for yourself. If you are serving God, you will live for the One who gave you life, for others, and you will care about those who live for the devil. You will plead with them, pray for them, and hopefully weep for them. Whatever their fate, one day they will understand why. They are blinded by the devil, and as the Bible says, he has taken them captive to do his will. And his will they gladly do.

If he is winding your clock, your time is running out. You will soon be in eternity. If you are serving sin, you are serving the devil, and his wages are really bad (see Romans 6:23). I strongly suggest, no I plead with you, quit before Payday.