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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Brain

“sinned34 said... Yup, the brain is an amazing organ, but evidence of God? Come on, Ray. It's incredible that the mind can do so many things -- recall subtle memories, perform complex calculations in milliseconds, and even rewire itself in some cases. Yet despite this, it is still an imperfect piece of meat. If you think that it's evidence of God, then I'd argue you certainly don't think God does a very good job . . .”

I am overawed with the way my brain works. I am amazed how I can travel back through my memories and relive my experiences. I am amazed at how it can manifest creativity, ingenuity, initiative, insight, discretion, and a mass of deep emotions. My brain, which is just an average brain, is infinitely more complex than the most sophisticated of computers. However, the above atheist sees his as "an imperfect piece of meat." Something therefore is wrong with it. It’s not working properly. Of course, I wouldn’t say that God didn’t do a very good job of creating it, but I would rather say that the professing atheist isn’t using it properly. It's just meat because he isn’t using that life-giving stimulant of “common sense.”

When a brain is hard-wired to the power of common sense, the eyes will marvel at the genius of God’s unspeakably creative hand. The eyes will look around at the incredibly colorful flowers, the thousands of amazing birds, the massive trees, the tasty fruits, the live-giving sun, the moon, and the innumerable stars. Yes, something is terribly wrong with a brain that refuses common sense . . . and even these few thoughts will make no sense to a brain that lacks common sense.