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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How to Boost Your Ego

If you want to boost your ego a little, watch the television program “Jeopardy” using TIVO. When a question is asked, put the TV on “pause,” and that gives you as much time as you want to think about your answer.

Life is much more pleasant if we learn to use the pause button. The book of Proverbs is filled with such good advice. If you want your life to be a disaster, don’t pause when things upset you. Instead, answer in anger. Write that email you will regret. Make that phone call. Say those words in the heat of the moment that will destroy a valued friendship.

Just the other day one of my friends said that he couldn’t do some important recording I needed. I was upset at the time but didn’t say anything to him, until about an hour later. I went into his office, sat down and asked for his perspective. When I fully heard his side, I could see that he had complications that made it impossible for him to get a quality recording for me. His hesitation to do what I wanted was motivated by his desire to give me a quality product. I was sure glad for the pause.