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Monday, March 17, 2008

My Apologies

I have been in Florida for three days, at a Transformed conference. Three thousand showed up and we had a wonderful time. My apologies for being slack with the blog (one atheist was upset that I wasn’t posting your comments). We had the conference on Saturday and I had to preach three times on Sunday morning, so it wasn’t convenient.

On the plane going there, the man next to me said that there was no Hell. When I took him through the Commandments, he said, “I’m going to Hell!” and immediately ordered and downed four bottles of vodka (6-8 shot glasses). I guess that’s one way to temporarily deal with conviction. On the way back, I sat between two non-Christians. Both agreed to video interviews on the plane. The interviews went well, but it sure opened a huge can of wriggling worms with one guy. He didn’t stop talking about evolution and atheism and how God didn’t exist for about three hours after the interview. Phew! Anyway, I’m back to my routine and will make sure comments are posted as quickly as possible.