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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Question

“I wonder if it would be possible to have an entry from you, Mr. Comfort, on how to deal with these atheist posts. I am almost at the point where I will have to leave. I can't fill my mind with this day after day. I came here to glean encouragement in witnessing and the Word -- as I get in The Way of the Master lessons and at the website. Am I wrong? Do I need to read all this to be ‘battle ready’? I don't want to run from the battle -- but I am sinking, not growing. Do you have advice on how you cope? Blessings -- and prayers, Patti"

Patti...I have to read the bad ones before I reject them--the mockery, anger, blasphemy and the smut. You read the ones I let through. If their rantings are upsetting you, I would advise you not to read them. I skim over a lot of what they say. The only reason I let them through is because I want them to stay. Who knows, perhaps one or two will soften their hearts one day and listen to what we are saying. If you look closely, many of these professing atheists and agnostics are products of the modern gospel. They have had a false conversion, fell away, and they are now very bitter. My heart goes out to them.

And keep in mind, those who post comments are only a fraction of those that read the blog. There are other people out there who are unsaved and are weighing up what is being said. I look on this ministry as I do open air preaching. The louder and dumber the heckler gets, the better. We have common sense on our side, and they make the contrast very evident. Thanks for staying with us. Keep praying for these folks.