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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why the caps for the name of God?

"Matthew Wooller said...What kind of god is your GOD Raymond? Did he ask this of you as a personal request, or are you getting this from somewhere else. In your head, how is this a problem? Is the lack of capitals offending you? Surely you cannot believe that it is offending Yahweh - I mean, he's an omnipotent being, does he really get upset with grammar and syntax?"

Matt...I didn't do this for me or for God. I did it for you and for your atheist friends. Every time you write the name of God or Jesus, having to capitalize it will remind you that He is infinitely your Superior, and that you will bow the knee before Him one day, whether you believe in Him or not. My earnest prayer is that you bow now, while He offers mercy, rather than in judgment.