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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Helicopter Design

A heat wave had suddenly hit Los Angeles, and our air conditioner decided to take a break. A friend who owns an air-conditioning business immediately came around to our house and fixed it, much to our relief.

As he was leaving, I handed his wife a copy of How to Know God Exists--scientific proof of God. As I did so, a maple seed fell from the heavens and hit me on the nose.

I was amazed, because every time I picked up a maple seed I would say that it was clear evidence of intelligent design. Each one was an intelligently designed miniature helicopter. However, the one that hit me was no miniature. It was by far the biggest one I had ever seen, and there wasn’t a maple tree anywhere near our house. Of course, skeptics will say that I’m lying about its size, so I took a picture of it just for them.

Am I saying that this was a sign from God? Of course not. It was a maple leaf hitting me on the nose, reminding me of the genius of God’s creative hand.

I’m not the only one who thinks that it is intelligently designed. The University of Indiana said “A maple seed offers us many opportunities to learn about science, technology, and design.” The design of the seed teaches science. They are talking about “intelligent” design.

NASA says something similar, “Maple seeds are superb auto rotating helicopters. They begin rotating almost from the moment they are released from the tree . . . The center mass of the seed is shifted well to one end while its center of lift is approximately in the middle. In a complicated process, the forces at work as the seed falls combine to begin a circular rotation of the seed about its center of mass.” Again, they are saying that the maple seed is “intelligently” designed.

I hope you agree with these scientists. However, if you can’t see intelligent design in the wonderful creation, look again . . . it’s as plain as the nose on your face.