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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In Case You Also Took my Last Post the Wrong Way

"ForHisSake said... Ray, WOW! What a revealing and disappointing post. You actually said, "A few minutes later, as we were packing up our gear, I looked over to the punks and noticed that Degenerate was now standing up. He was a big boy. My head came up his shoulders. I thought to myself that the next time I go eye-to-eye with some degenerate punk, I'd better do it standing up, so that I can at least see the size of the dog, and figure if it’s worth the effort."

"Worth the effort"? What has happened to you?

All I can think of is Christ as he drew pictures in the dirt while the mob wanted to stone the adultress. I will pray for you and your ministry, but I will not recommend your ministry to anyone.

The fact that you even forgot to pray should be a huge red flag to you. Who is it about? What has it become? And who have you become?

You are wearing His Name in a very public way. That is an awesome responsibility to represent Him without bring dishonor or shame to His name. I feel you have been guilty of both.

I know you won't post this, but, I hope you read it for it is sent in love for you, love for lost souls and most importantly love for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

MY ANSWER: Whoa! My apologies for not making this clearer. Regarding the "forgot to pray." I have risen up around midnight for the last 25 years most nights each week to pray. Our team always prays before we leave to preach open air, but this day as they were setting up, I was caught up filming when they began and we neglected to pray that day just before we stood up. It was perhaps the first time it happened in over two years of open air preaching. So, I believe in prayer. Regarding your take of my wording "worth the effort." As you can see from the change in the post, I meant "worth the effort of going eye to eye with a punk and getting a knuckle sandwich(a punch in the face)." Forgive me again for not making myself clear.