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Sunday, April 20, 2008

A True Atheist

“I was a true atheist, addicted to pornography and a big fan of torture. I hated the Bible and literally looked at "contract killer" as a career option. I favored Darwinian abortion of potentially disabled children and agreed with the majority of Adolph Hitler's statements about the disabled and invalid. I fantasized about murder and contemplated suicide and held nothing but hatred in my heart for anyone who told me I was wrong. In Short, I was the most degenerate scum to ever walk the Earth. That God saved me is still so far beyond my comprehension I have to wake up every day and think "wow."

“Nowadays, I work at the church I once hated going to. I greet daily a pastor I once did everything in my power to ignore, and I serve as an assistant to a youth leader I once despised. I play in the Sunday band and teach drums to young boys of the congregation for extra income. I teach Sunday school and am a regular fixture at the weekly prayer meetings and church events. People who have known me throughout the process have told me how astonishing it is to have seen the transformation. But no one is as impressed as me with how God has changed my heart and my life.

“So, that's me. I'm a 6'6", 19 year old motorcyclist who plays drums, carries a Bible, vacuums a church, writes scripts that will never be made films, and carries around a hefty supply of the Way of the Master Radio on his IPod.” Jacques Reulet

More About Hitler and Atheism
<< Lately, Ray Comfort finally came out of the closet on his blog to admit that he does not believe that Hitler is an atheist. "I have never claimed Hitler was an atheist. He believed in God and used Christianity for his own politician (sic) agenda." >>

No sane person would argue with the claim that Hitler was a wicked man. But he wasn’t brainless. He believed in the existence of God. Even though I use the word “atheist” to refer to a certain group of people, there is no such thing. According to the Bible the word is synonymous for the word “fool” (see Psalm 14:1). Only a fool denies the light God has given to every man via the conscience, creation and common sense. Remember that the definition of an atheist is “someone who pretends that there is no God.” The only reason I allow so-called atheists to spout their foolishness on this site is because, as Christians, we genuinely care for them and hope that they will (like Jacques) think about the claim that God offers everlasting life to those who repent and trust the Savior.