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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

God Killed Everybody

“God sent a flood to kill everybody except for Noah and his family because the world was full of evil. God knows everything. The world is still full of evil after the flood and God, by definition, must have known that would be the case: but He killed everybody anyway, including children, babies, and pregnant women. How can you justify this?”

The difference between the godly and ungodly is that the godly (those who have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit) will always justify God. The ungodly will try to justify man.

So let’s demonstrate the truth of the above statement. I am convinced from Scripture and from experience that man-kind (there’s an oxymoron) is intrinsically evil. For evidence, just watch the TV news tonight. He is born with a sinful nature and goes astray from the moment he takes his first step (no parent has to restrain a child from being virtuous, but rather the opposite). Children instinctively know how to be selfish, to lie, to be rebellious, etc. We have to teach them to share, to speak the truth, and to be obedient.

God, however, is perfect. He is without sin. He is absolute purity of holiness. He cannot have an evil thought or make an evil decision. The Bible tells us that all of His judgments are righteous and true altogether.

Let me now presume that you will attempt to justify man, by saying that he is basically good, and that God is the One who is evil. (I did notice that you said “the world is full of evil,” rather than man is full of evil--which would include yourself.) You therefore choose not to worship and serve a God that you consider to be a tyrant. That’s your choice, but know for certain that you will one day meet your “tyrant” Maker, stand before His absolute holiness, and be judged for the sins you have committed. If you refuse the incredible mercy that He offers in Christ, then you will be justly damned in Hell for eternity.

God, however, will not condemn you. Your sins will do that, in the same way that it’s not the judge who sends the wicked criminal to prison. His crimes send him there.