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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Money Can’t Buy Me Love. Sure.

A friend of mine, who owns an air conditioning business, told me that he has been doing work for a local billionaire. When she called him and said that she needed his services, he immediately jumped into a helicopter and flew to the island on which she lives. Her problem? Her toast was getting cold because it was directly under the air conditioning. He suggested moving the toaster. She said to move the AC, so he did.

When she built a 40 million dollar home just north of Los Angeles, a tree was blocking her view of the sea. She liked the tree so she had the new house picked up and moved along a few feet. After doing that, she changed her mind and said to move the house back. They moved it back.

Before you accuse her of being eccentric and extravagant, remember that she is providing employment for a lot of people, including for my friend. There’s nothing wrong with having money or spending it. It’s not money the Bible condemns as the "root of all evil." It’s the love of money. Big difference.

Some people believe that money can’t buy happiness. I, for one, am not buying it. Who is happier--the poor man who slaves for every penny to try and feed his hungry family, or the rich fellow who not only feeds his kids, but provides them with a heated swimming pool, a good education, and the safety of a gated community? It seems that the biggest proponents of the money can’t buy happiness philosophy are those who don’t have it. And, by the way, you don't have to be rich to love money.