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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Interesting Thread

“If you make a point to call some one out by name in a post, could you at least directly address their point or question? Here you just give wink-wink nudge-nudge suggestions without directly saying whether you believe the fires are a punishment for gay marriage, whether the Midwest floods are a form of punishment, etc.” Geoff

You have a perception that your infuriated colleges seem to lack. Of course I would never say that fires are punishment for gay marriage, or that floods were a punishment for poor folks in the Midwest. How would I know what, where, and how God deals out His judgments in the earth?

If God dealt with us according to our sins, He would have killed me in my youth. And so we have porn pushers, rapists, perverts, pedophiles, Satanists, adulterers, fornicators, and homosexuals happily living in California. They have been for years, so why should a meaningless marriage-ceremony change anything?

Then again, a thinking person will look at what's happening in this nation, and question whether or not we are morally pleasing to God, and wonder if there is a missing link between the two.

Maryanne said “in California it's fair and dry.” I said that we are in the worst drought in our history, with 840 wildfires at one time (now over 1,000). All is not well in California as she naively supposes (how would she react if I said that all is wet and well in the Midwest?). We badly need rain, and God is in charge of rain, and He’s in charge (unintended pun) of lightning (see Job 38:22-27) . . . whether we believe that or not.

Lighten up atheists. Life is too short to develop an unwarranted ulcer over what you think I believe.