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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Today’s Humility Test

Get ready. I’m going to boast, and your reaction will test if you are humble or proud. Chickens are about as dumb a creature as you can get. I know because we have some. We live in an area that is zoned for chickens (and humans). They are dumb (the chickens), but they do what we can’t. They make fresh eggs for us each morning. How cool is that? Isn’t God wonderful? (monitor your reaction to that statement). He made the chicken first, then they make the eggs . . . and they make them for us. We made them a cozy nest, and they make their way there each day and lay eggs for us to eat. God is amazing (monitor your reaction again). But more than that, the chickens let us know when they have finished laying (they let out a loud chicken noise--English translation "It's done!"), so that we can go out and collect the edible egg.

Did you know that if you hold a chicken in the palm of your hand (on its back), it goes really docile? It’s almost hypnotized. Perhaps it does that so that if we want chicken for dinner, there won’t be any resistance. That means we can have tender chicken breast, Kentucky fried chicken, hot wings, cold wings, chicken casserole…you name it, you can have it. God is so good, and so kind to us. Psalm 34:2 says “My soul shall make its boast in the Lord; the humble shall hear of it and be glad” (italics added). Are you glad to hear God being given praise? Your reaction will reveal if you are humble of heart, or if you are possessed by the arrogance of pride.