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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Top Ten Predicted Atheist Objections to the Below Statement:

"Water is wet." -- Ray Comfort

1. "You know nothing about water or science!"
2. "This is hateful and judgmental and is an example of circular reasoning."
3. "I suppose you believe that your imaginary friend made it wet."
4. "You know very well water molecules are dry. You liar!"
5. "Darwin knew that it was wet years before you did."
6. "Jesus would be ashamed of this statement! You are quote-mining."
7. "You are saying there was a world-wide flood. You are such a hypocrite."
8. "So, how old do you believe that this 'wet' water is?"
9. "There is no evidence that it is wet. The burden is on you to prove it!"
10. "This statement proves that you are viciously anti-Catholic."