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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Comment on "The Dinosaur in the Bible”

"We started out okay. Sort of. Ray even provided citations. Sort of. That could be a first. But then we got to Verse 19: "He is the chief of the ways of God . . . " This confirms that the dinosaur (or some dinosaur, anyway) was the largest creature that God made??? Really, that's what that verse means???? By the way, the Blue Whale is the largest. Goodness sakes, I knew that when I was in 4th grade." Charles

Sorry Charles. Your 4th grade teacher was wrong:

The Whale: "Blues whales are so big they are the biggest creature ever to have lived on earth - even bigger than the biggest dinosaurs! [They are wrong about this. See the below quote about how dinosaurs are bigger]. The largest whale ever measured was a female weighing 171,000 kgs and measuring over 90ft. The longest whale measured in at over 110ft." www.extremescience.com/

The Dinosaur: "This plant-muncher (named after Argentina, where its remains were found) measured about 120 feet from head to tail and weighed over 100 tons." http://dinosaurs.about.com/

Don't believe everything your teacher tells you. Especially when it comes to the unscientific theory of evolution.