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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

God is not All-loving

"Had any of you been born in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria, etc, there is nearly a 100% chance that you would be Muslim, and no amount of free will given to you from Jesus would prevent that. You would be doomed to Hell strictly because your parents lived in the wrong country. Think about that the next time you picture your God as all-loving and merciful. If He exists like you say He does, He is allowing millions of souls to go to Hell because they were born into a nation that does not believe in Him. How do you justify this?" C. Diddy

God is not all-loving and merciful. To say that that is the sole makeup of His character is to create an idol. That god doesn’t exist, except in the minds of those that conceive Him to be like that. The God of the Bible is holy, righteous, full of justice and truth, as well as love and mercy.

The Law of God is the key to understanding the deals of God with humanity. The Moral Laws (the Ten Commandments) show us that God is morally perfect, and because of His love of justice, He must by nature punish wrong-doing. If a man murders, justice must be done. If a man rapes, steals, commits adultery, lies, covets, etc., God’s justice hovers over him. Once the Law comes into the equation it shows us that He owes humanity nothing but justice. He has no obligation to bless us with health or save us from death. All that comes by His mercy, something that doesn’t comes because we deserve it but because God is merciful.

So, if God sees fit to save someone in America He does so because of His goodness. If He saves someone in Iraq, India, China, Japan, He does so because He is good, and He reveals His goodness by sending missionaries to those countries so that they will hear the gospel. Some countries forbid Christian missionaries from proclaiming the message of everlasting life. Other countries permit it.

The Bible says that no one comes to the Son unless the Father draws Him, and God draws whom He will to Himself whether the person to whom He is extending mercy lives in Iraq, New Zealand, China, Japan or the United States.

But don't use that fact as an excuse to stay in your sins. Scripture tells us that He commands every one of us to repent (see Acts 17:30-31), because He has appointed a day in which He will judge the world in righteouensss. That's not an option.