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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ignorant Knuckle-draggers

"I never said we were unreasoning animals, I said we were animals. If you deny that we are then you need to go take a basic science course." F. Dust

This reveals why believers in the theory of evolution have the convictions of religious zealots. It also reveals why those who don’t believe as they do are seen as ignorant knuckle-draggers. If evolution is true, then man is simply an animal. That means he is free to embark on his sexual prowls, because it is nothing but a basic instinct to do so. It’s his procreative nature to fornicate, and therefore not a sin. For the atheist, this is a hill to die on.

As one evolutionist says, "We are humans, yes, we are apes too. What you seem to ignore is that classifications need levels of categories. For instance, Chimps are chimps, just like humans are humans, and we both are apes (higher order of classification). The ape equation, we being animals too, is a natural conclusion, nothing to do with being 'sinners.'" (Italics added).

Evolution swings open a door to do whatever the evolutionist pleases, as long as what he does is within the bounds of a civil law he is ever expanding to accommodate his sinful desires.

If man is an animal he can even justify homosexual and bestiality, because “other” animals do it. To him, evolution is a license to act like an animal, and he does.

The dictionary says that an animal is "any such living thing other than a human being." The word human means "lowly" or "frail," and the word being means that we are aware of our existence. We are unique among God’s creation in that we are not only morally responsible, but we are aware that we are going to die. There is a basic instinct within all sane human beings that wants to live. So, let me concede slightly and let you call it “an animal instinct.” Now, obey your basic instinct--turn from your sins, trust in Jesus Christ, and God will make you fit to survive on the Day of Judgment.