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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Generous Atheist

"Rufus said... Email sent to Mark at Living Waters. Mark: I responded to Ray Comfort's blog post 'A New Book'. I don't want a copy of his book. Please, do something practical and useful instead. Take the cover price of the book, add what it would have cost to mail it to me, then send that amount to Doctors without Borders. Thank You. Sincerely:"

Rufus...it's true that you did respond, but there was no substance to what you said. So, as you can see from the list of those who responded, you didn't qualify for a book. It's still not too late to send something that isn't so cynical. Do that, and we will be more than happy to send the cover price (plus S/H) to such a wonderful organization. I look forward to hearing from you. Perhaps the other atheists that are actually on the list would like to match your kind offer.