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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good Fornicators

We are a nation that has fallen away from God. Most believe in His existence and pray daily, but as the Bible says, we only have a “form” of godliness. According to bullypulpit@googlegroups.com studies reveal that that since 1970, the number of Americans living together has increased from about 500,000 opposite-sex couples to more than 5 million. That’s ten million individual Americans, living in fornication.

A new analysis also found that the marriage rate is down in all countries except Norway and Sweden, which have had traditionally low marriage rates anyway. While in the USA from 1995 to 2005, the marriage rate declined almost 20%.

A 33 year-old Brooklyn woman has even co-authored a book called, The Good Girl's Guide to Living in Sin. She says that many women her age and younger view living with a romantic partner as a convenience, and that not about avoiding marriage. She added, "It's what's happening in the world of dating, and it's not necessarily a path anywhere." The woman is wrong about that--it is a “path” that leads somewhere. God’s Word makes it clear that fornicators will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

The title of her book is interesting. Humanity has always messed with the word "good." A pedophile, a rapist, an adulterer, and even a mass murderer may think that they are morally good, and that may be true if the word "good" is relative. But it’s not. The word "good" (in God’s Book) is set in stone. It means to be morally perfect, in thought, word and in deed.

Most of us will continue to think that we are morally good, as long as we are ignorant of the perfect and holy standard by which God will judge us on Judgment Day.

As Christians, if we care about this world, we must us the moral Law to show them that they are in great error, and desperately need His mercy.