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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Interesting Thread

Captain Howdy was excited because no one (who believed in preserving the life of a child in the womb) had bothered to answer his question. He said, "If you were in a fertility clinic and a fire broke out, and you could rescue either a trapped, screaming, terrified 2-year-old girl or a tray with 1000 2-week-old embryos in it--but not both--which would you choose? One of the two will burn; you can only rescue one."

Ethan answered him: "Again, an irrelevant question that's an obvious attempt to distract from the real issue. Human beings have a right to life no matter there size, or intelligence, or there dependency on others.

"If you saw an anthrax bomb but only had time to toss in front of three young women or just leave it a room of six terminal cancer patients who would you choose to suffer a horrible death?

"Do you hate women or do you think sick people should just hurry up and die? I just really want to know how evil you are?

"Your question, like mine, doesn't answer the question, ‘When do humans have basic rights -- like the right to live?’ No matter what crazy question that your immoral heart comes up with you cannot get around the issue of what abortion is really about -- murder. But as an atheist, without a moral ground, without sound reasoning; foolish questions, crazy hypothetical situations, and pointless rhetoric is all you have. Retort away."

Thanks Ethan.