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Monday, August 25, 2008

Are Ray and Kirk "willful liars"?

"Ray insists (Kirk in the video), that we need thousands of 'intermediate fossils,' so, if we have hundreds or tens it does not count? What about Ray/Kirk using a few discredited fossils and forget all of those that are very good? . . . Liars are liars, and Ray and Kirk are willful liars. When Ray interviews those guys he says 'observe how atheists tend to use words such as 'maybe', 'I am not an expert' ...' He is implying all atheists are like that." G.E.

Kirk Cameron and I produced an award-winning video called "The Science of Evolution." It’s from our television program and it is so unique (and funny), we decided to make it a "stand-alone." In it, we take an orangutan to lunch (just for fun) and discuss the theory of evolution. That was very interesting. I also called eight airlines and asked if I could take the orangutan on the plane. When they insisted that he go in the cargo hold, I insisted that he was a “relative” and should get a seat. They wouldn’t budge, because they knew intuitively that he’s a beast, and he could go ape. We also tried to get UCLA professors to talk about evolution on camera. None would come on. It was like pulling teeth to try and get anyone. So I spoke to lay folks about the theory and each sounded like an expert at first, but with a little probing they admitted that they have no idea what they are talking about. These are not isolated cases. It happens all the time.

We point out how, if Darwin was right, there should be thousands of intermediate fossils (species-to-species transitions) in the fossil record. G.E. (on my blog) is really upset about that, and says that they have "hundreds" then he changes it to "tens." However, there aren’t any. None. We didn’t "forget all of those that are very good" because there aren’t any species-to-species transitional forms in the fossil record.

Evolution is such an important issue. This generation has been brainwashed by this idiocy, all in the name of science. So, this week’s "Special" is: Buy ten copies of the DVD for just $20, and we will throw in a free copy of, Evolution. The Fairy Tale for Grownups (over $60 worth). See www.livingwaters.com

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